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Experts in Child Custody Law

Our UK network of child lawyers & solicitors are here to help you with everything from mediation through to arrangement orders.

Completely digital application

Why use LawLetter?

LawLetter is the affordable and convienent way to get help with child arrangements. We partner you with a UK based child custody solicitor, who can help you and your ex-partner reach an amicable resolution or assist you in court if necessary.

We're constantly updated on Coronavirus changes to the UK's court hearing process. We will always provide you with the most up to date information, and the solicitor you work with will suggest the best course of action.

  • Specialist solicitors will manage your case

    We partner you with a solicitor that is an expert in your required area of family law.

  • Simple, affordable prices

    Most family law firms charge an average of £950 for basic advice and filing. LawLetter gives you a fixed, transparent price up front that won't break the bank.

  • Fast & convenient digital application

    You can see the details and status of your case from anywhere on mobile or desktop. No phone-calls, meetings or searching through emails necessary.

How does it work?

  • 1

    One Simple Form

    You provide LawLetter with the details of your case and supporting documentation.

  • 2

    Your Case is Assigned

    LawLetter matches you with a solicitor specialising in your case's specific area of family law.

  • 3

    First Draft Review

    The solicitor advises you on the best course of action, completes any filings & represents you at a hearing if necessary.

  • 4

    Resolution and Final Approval

    Once the situation has been resolved, you provide a final approval.

Talk to a Lawyer

Having a family law solicitor can be the difference between a desirable or heartbreaking outcome.

Takes less than 5 mins