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Fixed Price Legal Services for Evictions


Eviction Notice

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Remove the hassle and uncertainty in starting an eviction process. Apply online and our solicitors will do the heavy lifting for you.


Easy online case builder

Deliver a powerful pre-action letter

Deliver your eviction notice

Section 8 and Section 21

Assist in the tenant mediation process

Notifications when you need to take action

Provide a convenient 'bundle' if court action is required

Fixed Fee


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  • Over 80% of our cases are resolved before this point

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    Possession Order

    Complete the legal application to the courts for a tenant to be evicted. We can help you serve a notice or use your existing notice.


    Rapid electronic filing with the court

    All inclusive fixed-fee

    Prepared by a licensed Solicitor

    Section 8 and Section 21

    Fixed Fee

    £568+ fixed court fees

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    Bailiffs & Warrants

    If your tenant has not vacated under a valid eviction notice or possession order, we can help to secure warrants for their removal.


    Secure a warrant of execution from Country Court or High Court

    Enforce your court judgment

    Fixed Fee

    £274+ fixed court fees

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