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Fast legal action without the hassle

Get licensed solicitors to send your legal letter in 48 hours

Takes less than 5 mins

Why use LawLetter?

  • 48 Hour Turnaround

    Traditional solicitors take weeks to deliver. LawLetter delivers in 48 business hours.

  • Simple affordable prices

    No more overpaying. Most law firms charge an average of £1,045 for a simple letter. LawLetter gives you a straightforward, affordable price.

  • Fast, zero-hassle process

    No waiting around. No complicated forms. No robots. Just answer a few simple questions and the law firms do the rest.

  • Top tier solicitors

    Drafted and sent by no-nonsense licensed solicitors that provide an exceptional quality of work.

  • Lightning speed communication

    Instead of waiting days or weeks for a response, you'll get responses from LawLetter in minutes.

  • Want to file a lawsuit as well?

    No problem! We have a fast, zero-hassle process to assist with the lawsuit filing process later on.

How does it work?

  • 1

    One Simple Form

    You provide LawLetter with the case details and supporting documentation.

  • 2

    Your Case is Assigned

    LawLetter assigns your case to a licensed solicitor for drafting.

  • 3

    First Draft Review

    The solicitor delivers the first draft and we send it to you for review.

  • 4

    Draft Revisions and Final Approval

    Revisions are completed. You provide the final approval.

  • 5

    Delivery and Responses

    We ensure that your letter gets delivered and is tracked. If the opposition responds, it's immediately forwarded to you.

Request a legal letter now

Having a solicitor send out a powerful, no-nonsense legal letter to an individual or company will quickly motivate them to do the right thing.

Takes less than 5 mins